about us

Jacksons specializes in the best of Scandinavian and international vintage design 1900 - 2000 with main focus on Scandinavian classics.

This year we celebrate 33 years in Stockholm, and 6 years in Berlin. The Berlin location is carefully chosen in “das Galerienhaus” on Lindenstrasse 34. Launched in 2007, the building contains Berlins leading galleries, Galerie Ulrich Fiedler, Konrad Fisher Gallery, Nordenhake, amongst others. This positioning will provide a meaningful and highly interesting backdrop to the collection and offer an expanded platform to view and acquire historical design in a contemporary art setting.

The website is but an introduction to our extensive collection. Our objects are sold as near to the original condition as possible. The objects we offer are vintage, with as much as possible of the historical patina and original wear remaining.



October-Asprey, London

September-Poul Kjaerholm, Berlin

June-Design Basel 2013, Basel

March-The Cabinet Maker, Berlin


September-Alvar Aalto, Berlin

June-Design Basel 2012, Basel

March-In Order Of Appearance, Berlin


September-Autumn Exhibition, Berlin

June-Design Basel 2011, Basel

April-Ursa Major, Berlin


November-Modernism, New York

June-Design Basel 2010, Basel

April-Suomi, Berlin

February-Finn Juhl, Berlin


November-Modernism, New York

September-Bruno Mathsson, Berlin

June-Design Basel 2009, Basel


November-Modernism, New York

August-Josef Frank, Swedish Modern, Berlin

January-Furniture by Scandinavian Architects, Berlin


January-Fall Antique show, San Francisco

January-Modernism, New York


January-Modernism, New York

January-Modernism, Los Angeles

January-The Los Angeles Antiques Show, Los Angeles


January-The Los Angeles Antiques Show, Los Angeles

January-Modernism, New York


January-Olympia, London

January-Modernism, New York

January-The International Art+Design Fair, New York

January-Antiques, Chicago

January-Stockholm Antique Fair, Stockholm

January-Copenhagen Modernism, Copenhagen

January-Palm Beach, Florida


January-Modernism, New York